Draws for the Rocky Mountain Open 2017 will be posted here when available.

Congratulations to the 2016 champions!

Open Singles:J. PurkeyOpen Doubles:J. Purkey & C. Christensen
A Singles:C. PetersonA Doubles:C. Chen & J. Rothrock
B Singles:P. FritzB Doubles:A. Pham & L. Watts
C Singles:J. AdamsonC Doubles:T. Stevens & M. Thompson

Men's/Women's Division - Singles Draw Sizes


Men's/Women's Division - Doubles Draw Sizes

4 teams8 teams16 teams16 teams0 teams

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GLTA Division Standards

To assist in your registration the the GLTA Division Standards are shown below, along with the equivalent ratings.
GLTA Basic DivisionsUSTA NTRP Rating*UKNetherlandsBelgiumGermanyItalyFranceSwitzerland
OPEN6.5No. 1-201A, B-15.4Bundesliga Regionalliga.Top 25N1, N2, N3, N4, (1 - 150)
OPEN6.030, -4/62B-15.2OberligaB3, B4-30, -15, -4/6,-2/6R1
OPEN5.5-4/6 -2/6 0 +2/6 +4/63B-15 B-4.6 B-2.6 B01e VerbandsligaC10, +1/6 +2/6,+3/6 +4/6,+5/6R2
OPEN5.0++154B+2.6 B+4.6 C+15.42e VerbandsligaC215,15/1 15/2R3
A4.5+15/1 +15/25C+15.2 C+15.41e Bezirksklasse 2e BezirksklasseC315/3,15/4R4, R5
B3.5 - 4.0+15/3 +15/46C+301e Kreisklasse 2e KreisklasseC415/5,30R6, R7
C3.0+15/5 +307C+30.2 C+30.43e Kreisklasse.30/1R8
D< 3.0+30/38 (9).4e Kreisklasse.30/2,30/3 30/4,30/5R9


If an event is not adequately filled, then other draws may be increased. Players will be notified if an event entered is closed or his or her entry is wait-listed. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to consolidate events with fewer than four entrants into the next higher event. Notification of any such situation will be provided as soon as possible. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to reclassify any player to a higher division upon notifying the player. Those players reclassified have the option of participating in the higher division or receiving a full refund of his or her entry fee. All appeals at reclassification should be directed to the Tournament Director and his decision will be the final word.

Women's Draws

The Rocky Mountain Open and all of its committee members welcome and encourage the participation of women in our tournament. All women are invited to participate in the men's draws.

Match Format

USTA / GLTA rules and procedures are in effect. Match format is the standard two-out-of-three set match, regular scoring. If any set should go to 6 games all, then a 12-point tie-break will be used. 5 minutes are allowed for warm-up. Players must report to the players desk at least 15 minutes prior to match time. Match Default Rule is enforced. Any player arriving late to his or her scheduled match will incur penalty points and be defaulted from the match at 15 minutes late. In the case of inclement weather or unforeseen delays, match format may change at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. Factors outside of the Tournament Committee's control may result in rescheduling of all or any portion of the tournament. Information will be available for all players in the case of rescheduling.

Consolation Matches

If a singles player does not win his or her first match played, then a consolation match will be offered. All consolation round matches are 8-game Pro Sets. A 12 point tie-break will be used if the match goes to 8 games all. Entry into the consolation bracket must be requested immediately following any first match loss. Consolation matches will be available in singles only.


Players may request a specific doubles partner for entry in the Open. If any player wishes to compete in doubles but does not already have a partner selected, please notify the Tournament Committee and we will do our best to find a suitable partner.

Thank you for your interest in the Rocky Mountain Open and we look forward to seeing you all soon!