Who We Are

Denver Area Tennis Enthusiasts (DATE) is Denver's GLBT tennis group that promotes goodwill and friendly competition each week during the tennis season.

Our members primarily are GLBT women and men (you don't have to fit into that category to join DATE, though!) from the Denver area who meet 1-2 times a week to play as a group from May through August. The format format varies week to week, but typically we play a round-robin doubles format to maximize the number of people on the courts and help our members meet a lot of different players. All levels of players are welcome, and the primary goal is for each of us to improve our tennis games, meet other players, and to have fun while we're doing it.

DATE is a private tennis club with our own set of goals and activities that extend past just playing tennis. We encourage our members to get to know each other and share our common interests. We provide both social and competitive opportunities for our members and encourage everyone to also check out the Gay and Lesbian Tennis Alliance (www.glta.net) website to find out more about competitive opportunities that exist nationally for members of our group.

The cost to play with DATE is $50 for the season ($40 for new players and early-pay returning players). The membership dues are used to pay the fees we are charged for reserving courts for our group tennis times and is requested before the start of the tennis season. Prospective members are always welcome to come out to one of our tennis times and play with the group before deciding whether to join. Come out weekly, once a month or a few times during the season. Either way, we're always happy to see you!

Where We Play

Other Good Things to Know

Gates Tennis Center
100 S Adams Street
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 355-4461

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DATE format of play
DATE is a very informal group and we like it that way. During our group tennis times we generally play a doubles format designed to give everyone a chance to play with a number of different individuals. Over time players get to know other members and have opportunities to arrange for more competitive matches on their own time. So, while we do offer opportunities for competition, our group is also very social and we want our members to meet and get to know a wide range of tennis players, have opportunities to improve their tennis game, and feel at home with our group. Players that seek additional opportunities to compete are also encouraged to join a USTA team.

Dues to play with DATE for the whole summer 2016 season are $50 per person ($40 if payed before May 15, 2016). If you're interested in joining DATE, please contact Rick to receive instruction on payment.

The DATE Roster
Once you're a member of DATE, we'll add you to the e-mail roster. The roster that we distribute to this group is private information, for DATE members only. Please only use it only to arrange play outside regular DATE play and to find players who live near you with whom you might want to hit. Please do not use it for mass e-mails to our group or for advertising your product or service. If you have announcements for the group, let them know Saturday mornings or Monday evenings after play. If you're not on the roster, it might be because your forms and/or dues have not been received yet.

Tennis Balls
Please bring a can of balls each week. We won't always use yours but we like to share the cost for new tennis balls.

Don't forget to bring water each time you play. You can get dehydrated quickly out on the court.

City Park
near 23rd and York Street
Denver, CO www.denvergov.org
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